Outplacement Services

Perfect for the small company that is downsizing or terminating employees and wants to provide professional outplacement services without going through a large outplacement firm. Services include the following:

  • Group workshops including sessions at company locations throughout the United States  

  • Online webinars presented remotely to all employees affected by the downsizing or termination  

  • Resume and cover letter preparation

  • On-going career advising - These sessions can be conducted by telephone, email, and internet tools; therefore, they can be scheduled with employees from any location throughout the United States. Face-to-face meetings with participants are available per company request. These sessions include, but are not limited to establishing career direction, prioritizing points of marketability, identifying strategies and techniques to secure interviews, improving interviewing skills, handling the salary question, and salary negotiation techniques

  • All services delivered at reasonable rates - Price is determined by number of participants, travel requirements, and services provided.  If your company or organization would like more information, please contact John Karras, President, Job Transitions, Inc. at (708) 277-8813 or email at john@jobtransitions.net   

Group Workshops & Webinars
  • We periodically schedule group workshops and webinars - These group sessions and webinars are promoted through all of our social and professional networking sites, website, blog, and email outreach.  If your group or organization would like more information, or to schedule a group workshop or webinar, please contact John Karras, President, Job Transitions, Inc. at (708) 277-8813 or email at john@jobtransitions.net    

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