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All Communications Are Affected by Your Emotion: Written By Ivy Lee

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The communication between two people is 70% emotion and 30% content. If the mood is wrong, the content will be distorted. Therefore, if you are not in a good mood, talking more is just to vent.

The purpose of communication is to solve problems. You must adjust your emotions, stay aware at all times, and ensure that you will not be irritated by things that have nothing to do with solving the problem before you speak. Making the other person speechless or angry will only intensify the conflict and create new problems.

Economist E.F Schumacher once said: "We tend to see ourselves in terms of our intentions, which others cannot see; at the same time we see others first in terms of their actions; which we can see. So we're prone to a situation where misunderstandings and injustices are everywhere."

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Ivy Lee

Beautician, Clothes Designer, and Financial Advisor


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