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Tips for Parents Who Are Juggling Young Children and Remote Work: By Guest Blogger Julia Merrill

With more people working remotely today than ever before, many parents have discovered some of the struggles that come with working from home. Especially for parents who have toddlers and babies, it can be difficult to keep a balance between doing quality work and giving their children plenty of attention and care. However, many parents have found success by implementing the following tips outlined below, courtesy of Job Transitions, Inc.

Find Ways To Keep Your Toddler Occupied

One way to make sure you can prioritize your work is to find ways to keep your toddler occupied during the day. Many toddlers can keep busy for longer periods with toys or projects, such as arts and crafts, building toys, or interactive learning toys. When purchasing toys, such as building blocks and play kitchens, carefully check online reviews for safety recommendations. Also ensure that toys are made of safe and nontoxic materials, so your child enjoys a safe, fun experience. For more family care advice, check out online directories that offer deeper insight into product testing and ratings.

Stay Comfortable

If you’re a new mom, being as comfortable as possible is important. This starts with having the right clothes, which can be comfy and stylish at the same time. Make sure your wardrobe includes breathable and versatile items including PJs, leggings, and necessities like nursing bras and other undergarments. Taking care of business both as a remote worker and a mom is made easier when you’re wearing clothes that are soft and aren’t binding.

Help Your Kids Start a New Routine

Your work-from-home situation may be a new development that your child isn't used to, so it's important to normalize this by helping them establish a new routine. Parents magazine points out that creating a schedule for your toddler can have a number of benefits for their own development as well, such as helping them to explore their world without being overwhelmed by constant change. Try setting a routine that has a variety of activities and consistent meal times structured around your work schedule. By having your child follow a set routine, you can better regulate your own workflow to get more work done.

Create a Plan for Prioritizing Your Children

If you have several children, Fatherly notes that it's just as important to prioritize each of them despite your work schedule. Maintain a proper balance between work and your children by creating a plan to consistently spend time with your children at certain times of the day. For example, you could always be with your children at bedtime or have them tag along for chores in the kitchen. Planning other new experiences together with them helps you and your children have something to look forward to.

Make Your Home Stress-Free

Making sure your home promotes well-being and relaxation is important for you and your children. Keeping a clean home by decluttering and being organized is a great way to reduce daily stress. Other ways to make a relaxing home environment include adding plants and using aromatherapy, which is great in moments of stress. Also, keeping plenty of healthy foods and filtered water on hand supports your family's well-being.

Create a Productive and Caring Home

Having a solid plan of attack helps ensure you can get your work done while also giving your children a safe and fun space to grow. In addition, involving their children in community-based programs can give parents more time to work while knowing their child is in a great environment.

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