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Update Your Resume to Showcase New Skills Learned by Working Remotely

Showcasing new skills learned by working remotely can be one of the most important factors employers will look for in today’s economy. Does your resume reflect these new skills and experiences? It has always been important to have an updated resume, even if you are not currently looking for a new opportunity, but now it is more important than ever. I also like the section where the author talks about “Start a Kudos File.” I have always been a strong believer in what I call a “Documentation File.” In fact, I have always recommended that one of the first things people should do when beginning a new position is to start this kind of file. It can lead to faster promotions and greater pay raises in your current position, as well as being very instrumental in securing a new position during the job search process.

As the economy reopens, this is a good time to review your career goals, update your resume, and refine your interviewing skills. If you need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

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