Job Transitions is totally dedicated to providing the most competitive pricing structure in the industry.  Due to our customized approach, we are able to provide expert services at the lowest possible cost for each individual client. 

Here’s how it works:

1) Schedule your free resume review and initial consultation.

2) During that review, we will discuss the strengths of your current or old resume and possible areas for improvement based on your career goals.  If we do not think we can improve your resume, or the modifications are so slight you could probably implement them yourself, we will tell you so.  You will not be sold into a service you might not need.  If you do not have a current or old resume – no problem – simply schedule an initial consultation and we will discuss your current situation.        

3) If you are interested in using our services, we will discuss the customized format that best meets your needs and exactly what the completed documents will look like.  We will also discuss the appropriate information that should be included in the cover letter.  Additionally, we will discuss the topics to be covered in career advising sessions based on your career goals and the challenges you might face during the course of your search.   

4) You will receive a quote for all services to be provided, along with a target date for completion of the documents during that discussion.  

5) Price is dependent upon complexity of the resume and level of experience. 

6) Acceptable payment methods include personal check, PayPal, and credit/debit card secured by the PayPal system.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use the credit/debit card method, but the transaction is secured by the PayPal system.  It is easy, fast, and secure.  

7) No payment is due until the documents are approved 100% by the client.  

We strongly believe this customized approach provides each client with the most competitive price possible based on individual needs and goals.  We guarantee you will not experience any sticker shock and in most cases we provide professional documents and additional value-added services at a price much more competitive than similar companies.

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