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Outplacement & Group Workshops

Navigating career changes can be challenging. Our Outplacement & Group Workshop Services provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals and groups experiencing career changes, layoffs, or organizational restructuring. We empower individuals to successfully transition to new opportunities.

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual Workshops & Webinars

  • Resume & Cover Letter Preparation and Development: The essentials of creating a compelling resume and cover letter that showcases your skills and experience.

  • Job Search Strategies: Effective tactics for identifying job opportunities, networking, and navigating the job market.

  • Interview Skills: Develop confidence and polish your interviewing techniques through mock interviews and expert feedback.

  • LinkedIn Networking Strategies: Maximize your online presence and leverage social media platforms for your job search.

On-Going Career Advising

  • Establishing Career Direction: Gain clarity and focus on your next career move through personalized assessments and in-depth discussions.

  • Prioritizing Points of Marketability: Identify and leverage your most valuable skills and experiences to attract potential employers.

  • Identifying Strategies to Secure Interviews: Learn effective job search techniques, including resume optimization, online networking, and targeted outreach.

  • Improving Interviewing Skills: Develop confidence and polish your interviewing skills through mock interviews and constructive feedback.

  • Handling Salary Negotiations: How to confidently negotiate salary and benefits package.

Virtual Team Meeting
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