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What People Say...


"I have worked closely with John on both a personal and professional referral basis for many years. John has a holistic approach to job search and career transition. He coaches and monitors clients throughout the whole process and prepares them for the unexpected. Resume construction, interview tactics, salary and benefit negotiation are all standard consultations. However, John has been very effective at providing the “edge” in each of these areas that give his clients a distinct advantage over their competition. There are many professionals in the search and transition profession, but it is John’s seasoned experience in an array of professional fields and job market environments that distinguishes him from the rest."  Kim S.  Manchester, ME


"John was instrumental in my post-MBA job search – providing me with interview tools, editing my resume, teaching me salary negotiation, and helping me to evaluate an offer. He helped me find the perfect fit. Throughout the years I have turned to John for career advice as he not only provides excellent counsel, but also explains the reasons behind his logic. I will not hesitate to continue following John’s direction.”  Stephanie H.  Denver, CO


“John Karras is a truly dedicated professional. I have worked with him as a business partner and he has always found creative ways to find better alternatives and solutions allowing all team members to reach goals. When I reached out to him for guidance on a difficult career decision, he took the time to work through all of the options and guided me through my decision-making process helping me to make the very best choice. He is truly skilled in career coaching. His approach is always the most genuine.”  Monica C.  Chicago, IL 

​​“John is an outstanding individual. He aided me in providing professional guidance to candidates for graduate school. He instills a sense of purpose and hope in those students that feel they have no direction by his hands-on and direct communication style and sincere desire to help people. His expertise has greatly helped me in my job by giving students another perspective and “ear.” After a counseling session with John, students are more proactive and positive about their skills and strengths and their professional futures.”  Anne Marie R.  San Francisco, CA       


“I have worked with John a number of times over the past two years and noticed that John has a great ability to jump right into situations and capitalize on opportunities. Also John’s integrity, communication and contract negotiation skills make him a trusted advisor.”  Jacques L.  Chicago, IL


​“I consulted with John during my decision process to enroll at Keller Graduate School. At the time I was looking for a career change, and he helped me turn my thinking upside down (in a good way!). John was instrumental in revitalizing my career outlook, and as a result, I felt empowered to enroll at Keller, where, prophetically, I met my new boss!! I’m now well on my way to a career in Project Management."  Athens K.  San Francisco, CA


"John came to my rescue and then turned around my job search overnight. Literally! He doesn't waste any time and quickly gets to the root of the problem to save clients time and money. He is a superb job search expert."  Tracy R. Chicago, IL 

"John is one of the most genuine and devoted people I have ever come across. As an undergrad student at UIC, unsure of which direction I was going to pursue once I graduated, John guided me and made sure I got where I am today. Mentoring and career advising are just a few of the many great skills John possesses."  Brittney E.  Nashville, TN 


“John Karras has a genuine concern and dedication to all who seek his advice and are lucky to get it. From the first time I met John I knew I was being guided by someone with a wealth of knowledge and my best interest in mind. In addition to providing excellent one-on-one counseling, John also coordinates seminars that are educational and highly interactive. John has helped me design a successful career path and continues to help me making my ambitions become reality.”  Nick T.  Chicago, IL


“John is the most dedicated and caring adviser I have ever met. He does an excellent job reviewing my resume, providing interview practice, and giving me career advice. He responds to my e-mails and other messages in an instant and keeps me on my toes. He truly motivates and encourages me to do well in school and in my career search. He is one of the main reasons why I would stay at University of Illinois at Chicago. I am truly grateful for knowing John.”  Hiromni U.  Atlanta, GA

​“John is a great Career Coach! He has seen me through all the big moments of my career. Step by step over the years, John has advised me as I moved forward from an Accountant, through the progressions, moves and finally to my current role as Associate Vice President. His advice and mentoring has been invaluable. I recommend him to anyone who wants sound coaching in their professional decisions.”  Christine G.  Dover, DE

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