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Resume & Cover Letter Writing Services

We pride ourselves on developing the most effective resume and cover letter based on your experience, skills, and job target. All written documents are carefully crafted and very detailed.  This requires a team effort.    


Clients can expect a series of questions concerning their experience, skills, and accomplishments during the document preparation process. Generally, documents can be prepared within a two to three day period depending on client availability for answering questions. No payment is due until the documents are approved 100% by the client.      

Career Advising Services

These sessions are by appointment and include detailed and comprehensive discussions on targeted strategies when conducting your search.  

Career Services

Topics include:

  • Establishing Career Direction

  • Developing & Prioritizing Your Points of Marketability

  • Strategies & Techniques to Secure Interviews

  • How to Strengthen Your Interviewing Skills

  • How to Handle the Salary & Compensation Question

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Evaluation of the Interview

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