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Chronological Versus Functional Resume - Which Should You Use in a Job Search?

Outstanding article on the difference between a chronological resume versus a functional resume and which format job seekers should use. The answer depends on a few variables and people will have different opinions on this, but in my opinion most job seekers should use a chronological resume. Most company recruiters do not like functional resumes and there is a risk of getting screened out based on that. However, using a chronological resume with a WELL WRITTEN Professional Summary or Profile can serve the same purpose as a functional resume.

The Summary is just like a book summary. A book summary does not say - here is what you are going to read about when you read the first chapter or last chapter of the book. The book summary basically says – here is what you are going to read about when you read the ENTIRE book. Same is true for the Summary on a resume. Job seekers can use any job related point they did at any job at any time throughout their entire career (including soft skills). Even points from older jobs. The Summary does not need to focus on most current skills and experience. For example, if a job seeker directly supervised up to 10 people two or three jobs ago and never did it again, they can still indicate - Experience includes direct supervision of up to 10 team members in the Summary – if marketable to the new job target. This is why the Summary is the most important part of the resume.

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