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Interview Follow-Up Beyond the Thank You Note

Thank you notes are always required as part of the interview process, but what if you have already sent a thank you note and still have not heard back? Always try to find out the next step in the process and when the company anticipates that happening. This is a good question to ask the company to close the actual interview. Give the company a chance to do what they said they were going to do. Send a short follow-up note, or better yet, call the company representative if that time-frame passes by without any communication from the company. I call this the Reasonable But Aggressive strategy. In that communication, briefly restate your interest in the job and ask if you are still under consideration. The company has only three possible responses: 1) Yes - Great! In fact, they might even move forward and schedule the next step in the process during that call! 2) No - At least the job seeker has no false hope. 3) We still have not decided, or similar response - Try to get another time-frame and move back to the Reasonable But Aggressive strategy.

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