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Job Search Strategies Webinar

JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES WEBINAR - Saturday 5-11-19 / 11:00 AM CT

Some experts say that this could be the best job market ever! Employers across the country are searching for qualified candidates. This is a good time to enter the job market whether you are re-entering the workforce, looking for a change, or desire to move up the career ladder. With the surge in hiring, compensation is improving because there are more open positions than qualified candidates to fill them. Participants will acquire a sound understanding of the following:

- Establishing Career Direction - Developing & Prioritizing Your Points of Marketability - Strategies & Techniques to Secure Interviews - How to Strengthen Your Interviewing Skills - How to Handle the Salary & Compensation Question - Salary Negotiation - Evaluation of the Interview

Event: INVEST IN YOURSELF - Job Search Webinar - Part 1 - Strategies

Date / Time - Saturday, May 11th / 11:00 AM CT

Cost: Free

This is part 1 of a 2-part job search webinar series. Part 2 will provide participants with the necessary tools to develop a strong resume and cover letter. We will begin to promote that webinar soon.


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