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Job Transitions Client Testimonial on the Keys to a Successful Career Transition

HI John,

I hope this email find you doing well. I wanted to take moment and provide you with an update on my job search. I was offered and accepted a position with Michigan State University. I am the Assistant Director in the Office of Study Abroad and lead the American Semester Program ( Essentially I run a team that develops exchanges with international universities and then supports all the inbound international students coming to MSU.

As you know my desire was to move into a different career path and I would have to sell search committees on my transferable skills; no easy task this day and age of over analysis and opinion. I can’t overemphasize enough how narrowing my strengths to the precious few, preparing real scenarios to support those strengths and true commitment to the cause I wanted to work for was key to my success.

The time spent writing the resume and on the phone together was invaluable. It helped me organize my thoughts both on paper and for interviews, develop my search strategy and boost my confidence.

What become more and more evident during the whole process was that the more time I spent narrowing and focusing my story the more confident I became in myself. That confidence helped me learn (accept??) that I don’t have to be all things to all businesses to get a good job rather I have to be the right thing for one business! Anyway, there’s my story. I’m ecstatic to be a Spartan and thank you sincerely for the role you played in helping me achieve the job I’ve wanted for years.



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