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Resume Bullet Points

Resume bullet points need to be accomplishment or benefit based. It is not enough to tell the reader simply “what you did” at a company or in your academic career. You need to tell them “if you were any good at it” as well, or a benefit associated with doing a certain task. I like to recommend a “so what and quantify” strategy. If you are simply identifying a task on a bullet point, ask yourself “so what?” What was the benefit of doing this? The company had you do this task for a reason. What was it? Or, what was the accomplishment associated with doing this task? The next step is to quantify if possible. You might not be able to do this for every point, but when possible it is a very good thing to do. For example, there is a big difference between managing one person and managing a staff of ten people. Following this strategy should help you strengthen some of your bullet points.

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