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The Summary section is the most important part of your resume

This article discusses the construction of a Professional Summary section of a resume. The Summary section is the most important part of the resume. Think of it as a book summary. A book summary does not summarize only the first or last chapter of the book. It summarizes the entire book. Job seekers should prioritize the most marketable skills, experience, and achievements they bring to the job target no matter where or when they did them (within reason). Use those skills and experience in context with other accomplishments or points of marketability. Some people write the Summary section in paragraph format. That is fine, but it needs to be a short paragraph. I prefer bullet point format for the Summary section. Use the cover letter to write the narrative. Most importantly, if the statement….most recruiters will spend 10 seconds reviewing your resume and then make a decision on screening you in or out…. is true, where do you think they will spend the 10 seconds? I think the Summary section is where they will spend that time. If they are impressed with that section, they will most likely review the entire resume.

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