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10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

When I first meet a job seeker, many are concerned about writing a good resume and improving their interviewing skills. However, one of the first questions I like to ask is “How are you going to evaluate a job offer?” Many are surprised at this question, but it forces the job seeker to think about what is important to them and have concrete items to use when evaluating the offer rather than relying on an emotional response.

If companies like you enough to make you an offer, most (not all) but most will present the position in the best possible way. Additionally, identifying what will make you happy from a work/life balance point of view as one of the the first steps in the job search process will help you design appropriate questions to ask the company representatives during the interview. Ask questions that will get you the answers to your work/life balance analysis.

As the article states: “Before you jump at a higher paycheck or a more prestigious employer, consider each offer in the context of your career and day-to-day life.”

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