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Always Provide Examples When Communicating Soft Skills in an Interview

Excellent article on what I like to call “proving your personal points of marketability” (soft skills). When a job seeker markets themselves on soft skills, they are giving an opinion of themselves. They are not giving a factual statement. At least not to the interviewer who does not know you that well. A good term to use in an interview is “for example.” Instead of saying “I have excellent organizational skills.” It is much better to say “I have excellent organizational skills. For example, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree, while working a full-time job.” Now the interviewer will tend to believe you really do have excellent organizational skills. A brief story is an excellent proof as well. Studies have shown that only 10% of people will remember statistics during an interview, but about 80% will remember a brief story. We talk directly to this point on episode three of our podcast series: Establishing and Prioritizing Your Points of Marketability.

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