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Excellent Career Planning Guide - Yes! Career Transitions Can Be Done!

Excellent resource for career planning. This Guide provides valuable information whether you are conducting a job search in your current area of employment or looking to transition into a different functional area or a different industry. Note: Functional and industry transitions can be done. Take a look at this Google review from a client we worked with a short time ago.

“I got an interview that I never even thought I would get, so I reached out to John for help preparing. He answered immediately. I can honestly say I don't think I would have gotten the job (Yes I did get it!) without John's help prepping me. He gave me the confidence I needed. I actually moved out of the hospitality industry and went into the tech industry, so job transitions are real! He also fixed my resume and he did a great job. He is honest, fair and mainly he cares. Thank YOU!” Cristina C.”

If you are thinking about entering the job market and need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

Check out our entire series of podcasts - Career Success: No Fears, No Excuses – available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and our website.

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