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Five Ways to Show Collaboration Skills During the Job Interview Process

Some excellent points on sounding like a team-player during the course of the #interview. The author cites a couple of 2022 surveys that rank collaboration as one of the top five skills employers look for when making hiring decisions. In fact, one of the surveys ranks collaboration as the number one skill. It is also important to keep in mind that final decision-makers at these companies hire based on a likeability factor. Simply put – do they like you?

I have had the opportunity to participate on several group interview teams during my career. When our group finished interviewing the 5 or 6 final candidates for the position, we did not look around the room and ask each other who do you think has the most experience for the job? They were already screened in based on their #resume and had at least the minimum qualifications. Instead, it was more along the lines of who did you like? Be yourself – your professional self. To learn more about the Likeability Factor, visit our brief podcast on this subject at

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