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How to answer the "What Are Your Salary Expectations" During a Job Interview

This brief article reviews three strategies job seekers can use to answer the “What Are Your Salary Expectations” during the course of a job interview. It is important to remember that answering the salary question is not the same thing as final salary negotiations. I usually recommend to be conservative so you do not price yourself out of a possible job offer at this point in the process.

Once you generate the actual offer, three dynamics change – all to your advantage.

1) Now you have a starting point to negotiate. You did not have that before the initial offer was made.

2) Now you know the company wants you for the position. You did not know that before the initial offer was made. Out of all the resumes they received and all the people they interviewed, they picked you.

3) Now you are the deciding on them. Before the offer was made, the company was basically deciding you.

These three dynamics make the job seeker much stronger during the final salary negotiation process.

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