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How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Some excellent advice on how to successfully negotiate. From a job seekers perspective, keep in mind that answering the “salary question” is not the same thing as salary negotiation. They are two totally distinct areas of the job search process. In my opinion, the worse answer to the money question is “That’s Negotiable.” You do not even know they want you for the job yet. You will be negotiating from a weak position. I usually recommend to get the initial offer first – whatever that offer turns out to be. Once the job seeker has an initial offer, three things change in the negotiation - all to the job seekers advantage. 1) Now, you know they WANT YOU for the job – did not know that until the initial offer was actually made. 2) Now, you have a starting point to negotiate - did not have that before. 3) Now, YOU are the decision-maker on them. Up until that point, the company was deciding on you. All three of these variables make the candidate stronger in the final salary negotiation.

Also, make sure you can demonstrate WHY you deserve more money. Everyone WANTS more money, but you have to give reasons why you are worth more money. The bottom line – negotiate from the strongest position possible. In my opinion, that is after the initial offer has been made, but before you have accepted it.

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