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How to Select a Resume Writer or Career Coach

Some good advice on selecting a resume writer or career coach during a job search. In my opinion, the following issues should be taken under consideration:

1) Is it worth the money? A previous client of mine said that job seekers should never write their own resume. Many people do not give themselves enough credit for their daily responsibilities and accomplishments in previous positions and fail to promote them, along with marketable soft-skills appropriately.

2) Make sure you have the opportunity to verbally communicate your goals, new career direction, and any other issues important to you before the resume writing process begins. Are you charged for that?

3) What is their policy if you do not like the resume they produce? Do you get a refund? Do you have to pay upfront with no possibility of getting refund if you do not like the final product? Or, are you billed after the documents are completed and approved by you?

4) Most importantly, does the resume writer budget time to ask you follow-up questions as the resume construction is progressing – without charging you for that? Difficult for me to see how any resume writer can “slam dunk” a resume without asking questions along the way. Can they really understand all of your skills and experience based on one phone call?

5) What other services are included in the fee? Will they include a cover letter in the fee they charge? Will they help you improve your interviewing skills or provide interview preparation sessions? Do they charge for that? Will they help you set-up, update, or improve your LinkedIn page? Do they charge for that?

Finally, during the initial conversation, make sure you have bonded with the resume writer and feel confident that they have taken the time to clearly understand your goals.

If you are thinking about entering the job market and need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

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