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How to Write a Thank You Note During the Job Interview Process

Follow-up thank you notes are a vital part of the job interview process. This article presents some excellent advice on what should be included in a thank you note and when they should be sent including some examples. In my opinion, a thank you note is just that. A thank you note. Simply express sincere interest in the position and thank them for the time they spent with you during the interview. That’s it.

I know there are a variety of opinions on re-marketing yourself in the thank you note and a brief summary on the skills and experience you can bring to the company and open position is fine. However, the job seeker should not write long and detailed explanations on why they would be the best person for the job in the thank you note.

You should not market yourself in writing when you can do it over the phone and you should not market yourself on the phone when you can do it live and in-person. You already had the opportunity to market yourself live and in-person (including video interviews) so going back to trying to market yourself in writing is working backwards. This is why you need to nail the interview. That’s what the interview is for.

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