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HR Experts Call This The Era of the Great Resignation: A Talent Tsunami!

HR experts are referring to the anticipated post-pandemic job shuffle as the “talent tsunami!” Employee quit rates have soared! Consider the following: 1) More than a quarter of workers were planning to look for a new job post-pandemic, according to a recent survey by Prudential. Many other surveys have found similar results with even greater percentages. 2) The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 3.6 million workers quit their jobs in May 2021. 3) Employees are questioning their current employers culture and values and are ready to leave a toxic environment and find more meaningful work. 4) People that have learned new skills by working remotely for the first time are redefining their personal and career goals and seeking a better work/life balance. 5) Extended unemployment benefits are ending for many in September. 6) Most importantly, employers are seeking candidates with new and up-to-date skills and qualifications, but having a difficult time finding them!

This is a good time to review your career goals, update your resume, and refine your interviewing skills. If you need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

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