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Job Search Podcast Announcement

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Job Transitions, Inc. is unable to produce and post Episode 10 of our Podcast series until the situation improves. In the meantime, we are re-posting Episode 1 – Establishing Career Direction, which includes evaluation of interviews and job offers. It received many views and positive reviews the first time we posted it and was our first attempt at producing a podcast! If you would like to listen to that episode, click here:

Or, if you would like to check out our entire podcast series - Career Success: No Fears, No Excuses – it is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and our website.

It is our hope that this might provide an informative and welcome change of pace during this period of isolation, while providing some valuable information for people thinking about conducting a job search. Each episode is fairly brief, gets right to the point, fun to listen to, and appropriate for all job seekers from entry-level to senior-level management personnel (at least that was our goal). Stay safe!

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