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Red flags to consider when evaluating an interview or job offer

Two of the most important parts of the interview process is establishing at least some career direction and how to evaluate the interview or job offer. These two areas go hand-in-hand. Establishing career direction does not necessarily mean selecting a specific job title or type of industry you want to target. Although that would good in terms of establishing direction, there are other ways to establish at least enough direction to begin the process and actually get on the job market with a formal critique system in place.

One of the first questions I like to ask a job seeker regarding their search is “How are you going to evaluate a job offer?” Many clients seem surprised at this question because they were thinking the first part of our job search session would focus on constructing a resume and strengthening their interviewing skills.

Rather than trying to come up with a specific job title, you can focus on identifying the day-to-day responsibilities you think you would LIKE to do in your next position, along with an itemized list of what a specific company will need to offer you to even consider working there. I like to call this exercise The Dream Job List. This is one of those things that is never really completed. Just like updating your resume, The Dream Job List needs to be updated periodically as your career goals change and evolve.

Not only will your Dream Job List help you establish at least a little direction, it will serve as an excellent interview evaluation tool. You now have a formal critique in place to evaluate an interview or job offer rather than simply relying on your initial emotional response. To learn more about establishing your Dream Job List click here:

To read an excellent article on red flags to look for when evaluating an interview or job offer click here:

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John Karras

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