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The Practical Guide to Working from Home as a Team

This is a comprehensive guide covering practical tips and tools on how to stay productive as a team when you work remotely. It is an effort towards helping you understand how you can make this an opportunity to create a working culture that is more transparent, motivating, and empowering. Written by Amanda Athuraliya, Communication Specialist, Creately. It covers the following topics:

- Use a Limited Set of Good, Integrated Tools

- Stay Organized to Stay Truly Productive

- Prioritize Building Trust and Teamwork

- Maintain Good Communications Best Practices

- Set Clear Expectations for Your WFH Team

- Create a Productive Work from Home Culture

- Protect Yourself from Loneliness, Isolation, and Distractions

- Online Brainstorming Best Practices

- Top Tools for WFH Teams

- Staying Organized as a WFH Team

- Building Trust and Teamwork

- Communications Best Practices

- Setting Expectations as a WFH Team

- Culture and Personal Growth

- Isolation, Loneliness and Distractions

- Brainstorming and Planning

As the economy begins to reopen, this is a good time to review your career goals, update your resume, and refine your interviewing skills. If you are thinking about entering the job market and need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

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