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When should you follow-up on a job interview?

Following-up on an interview is a very important part of the job search process. One of the questions every job seeker should ask during an interview is “I’m very interested in this position. What is the next step and when will it take place?” I like to recommend the Reasonable But Aggressive approach. Give the company a chance to do what they said they were going to do. Once that time frame comes and goes and you have not heard back, it is time to follow-up.


When you do follow-up, you can indicate that you’re very interested in the position and following-up to see if you are still under consideration. That’s it. The company only has three possible responses. 1) No. At least you have no false hope. 2) We don’t know yet. Try to get another time frame and go back to the Reasonable But Aggressive approach.  3) This is the reason you should follow-up. It is very common that the company might indicate that you are definitely under consideration and perhaps apologize for the delay, but schedule the next interview during that contact or indicate that are formulating an offer and you should be hearing about that within a short period of time.  


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