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Economic Indicators for July 2022: By Kim W. Suchy, CEO, Cornerstone Asset Group LLC

One interesting development in the News You Can Use section is the following:

“A sea of societal, political, and economic change, and of course, poor company stock performance, has led to outsized changes in executive leadership of US companies. As of May this year, 100 U.S. public company CEOs have left their posts, according to workforce consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. This is the highest January-to-May total since the firm started tracking monthly CEO changes in 2002. Continued concerns over economic conditions and future direction of companies may continue to fuel boards to rethink their leadership positions.”

In my opinion, potential job seekers should be aware of a changing job market. Due to continuing inflation, companies may start decreasing their workforce. Just like the real estate market, the job market can change on a moments notice. Several companies have already instituted layoffs and a reduction in staff.

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