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Essential Tips for Working From Home With Young Children: By Guest Blogger Julia Merrill

Essential Tips for Working From Home With Young Children

For a long time, it was the norm for moms to stay at home and take care of the kids while their partners went to work. It is fair to say that things have changed over the years, and now more women are working than ever before, and many of them are doing so on a remote basis. However, if you have toddlers or young children, then working from home is sometimes easier said than done. The good news is that with smart planning and preparation, you can be efficient and raise your children all at once. Here are some tips for how you can impress your boss and your toddlers all at once.

Plan Accordingly

If you hope to have this arrangement work out, then you need to plan ahead and have a schedule that allows you to focus on all of your priorities as needed. So, if you want to take the time to feed your kids in the morning, then ask your boss if you can start later in the day. If you typically work later hours and you want to be ready for dinner, then ask to start earlier.

In the case that you have important meetings during the day, it may be a good idea to schedule them during the times when your kids usually take their naps so you can focus on your presentation and avoid distractions that could disrupt your work and annoy your coworkers.

Get Outside Help

If you have an exceptionally busy day, then it is a good idea to reach out for help. Family members are a good start if you need a last-minute babysitter. If this will be an ongoing arrangement, you may want to hire a professional babysitter to come to your house several hours a day. You can find qualified individuals on sites like Care and Urban Sitter. You can also hire the services of a virtual assistant to help you organize the minutiae of your day so you won’t have to multitask.

Make Time for Self-Care

While many of these tips will help you succeed at your job and care for your kids, you must not forget to take time out for yourself. If you forget self-care and work yourself too hard then you could start to build feelings of anxiety and depression, and that won’t help anyone.

So, take an hour every day to do something that you love. That could be taking a walk through the park or curling up on the couch to read a good book. By taking this time out, you can return to your kids and your job feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Change Careers and Revise Your Resume

If the job you have is just too busy or is otherwise not allowing you to spend quality time with your kids, then you may want to look for a different career where you can be less stressed and have a better work/life balance.

Since you need to watch your kids, it is not as easy to go to a physical campus, so consider obtaining an online degree instead so you can take classes on your own time or during evenings when the kids are asleep.

Once you’ve earned a degree, you’ll want to update your resume with your new skills and accreditations. Use a free online resume builder to create an impressive and eye-catching resume that can catch the attention of hiring managers. Find a sleek template and then add your own text, font type, background color, and images.

Alternatively, a dedicated resume writing service like Job Transitions can be a great option if your resume could use a significant facelift. In addition to providing you with a stellar resume and cover letter, Job Transitions also offers career advisory services to help you boost your interview skills and learn to deftly handle salary negotiations.

As you can see, while it won’t always be easy, it is possible to split your time between your kids and your remote job. Make the arrangement a bit easier by making a plan, finding support, prioritizing self-care, and updating your resume to begin a new career.

If you are thinking about entering the job market and need additional assistance, please contact Job Transitions for a free resume review and initial consultation.

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