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How Digital Nomads Work Remotely: By Guest Blogger Julia Merrill

How Digital Nomads Work Remotely

Digital nomads are remote workers who travel frequently to other locations using modern technology. As a digital nomad, you can work anywhere in Nigeria or the world — in hotels, coffee shops, apartments, or libraries, as long as you have a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone or laptop.

Remote work is possible in many different jobs, such as:

● Freelance writers

● Customer service

● YouTubers

● Consulting

● Marketing

How to Support Yourself as a Digital Nomad

If you’re ready to try remote working, you need to learn how to support yourself before you can feasibly travel the world as a digital nomad. Therefore, you don’t want to quit your day job just yet—save money if you have to so you can be sure to have the funding you need to travel.

In addition, you might consider renting out your home or apartment as a way to make passive income to go toward your living expenses.

Start a Freelance Business

If you want to save on startup costs, an LLC is a good option. You will benefit from tax breaks when you form an LLC over other startups. That means rather than paying taxes on your business’s income, you can put that money toward financing your travel, for example.

LLCs are also ideal for digital nomads because they don’t have the paperwork requirements that other entities have. This allows you to focus more time on your business and your clients.

You should also remember that legal fees can be very expensive when you form an LLC. A formation service will save you money over going with a legal firm.

Finding the Best Rentals for a Digital Nomad

Resources like Sublet have a solid search engine for finding short-term accommodations. It is very easy to use and will help you secure shelter while you’re on the move.

Another essential online resource, Tripping, is where many digital nomads turn if they need to rent an apartment in their area for a few months. It’s more convenient than local classified ads and makes it easy to get the accommodations you need.

When choosing a rental site, you want to make sure it’s tech-friendly. The above resources can help you there, but you want to do some legwork to see whether the rental’s Wi-Fi provides for your needs.

You want to be able to communicate with your customers without interference, and fast Wi-Fi will help ensure this. So before you sign the rental agreement, test the Wi-Fi with Speedcheck.

In the event that there’s an issue at your rental site—whether it’s related to Wi-Fi, security, or otherwise—you want your rental site to have 24/7 support available. And it’s wise to find a rental in a good neighborhood.

Get Paid to Be a Digital Nomad

It may not be financially plausible for overseas clients to pay via wire transfer or traditional payment channels if you work from Nigeria. Instead, offer your clients Remitly, a secure and simple payment option. This low-cost money transfer service is one that both you and your clients will trust.

How to Get Around

It’s important to do all you can to save on travel expenses. Nigeria has affordable transport systems, including services like car rentals, buses, trains, scooters, taxis, and more.

If you’re working stateside, check for Lyft, local buses, or Uber. These are cost-effective solutions that will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank.

Ready to kickstart your life and career as a digital nomad? Find out how Job Transitions can help!

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