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Two Questions to Consider as the Economy Begins to Re-Open and People Return to Work

As the economy begins to reopen, this is a good time to review your career goals, update your resume, and refine your interviewing skills. Remember, eventually unemployment ends. Then what? Here are two questions to consider:

1) Should I simply remain on unemployment or aggressively seek a new opportunity even if I am making more money on unemployment than I did in my previous position?

2) If I remain on unemployment, at what point have I been out of the workforce too long? During this time other job seekers are re-entering the job market. Some might have already secured a new position. Are you missing the boat?

Remember, job seekers are not only going be people coming back from unemployment. People that did not lose their jobs and have been working the entire time will enter the job market as well to try and secure a better opportunity. Many have learned new skills by working remotely for the first time. The competition is going to be fierce.

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